Create the perfect scents for your Wedding Day

What is The Wedding Scent Service?

Jai is a fully certified Holistic Practitioner and Aromatherapist as well as being an industry expert in fragrance.    Working for over a decade with luxury brands such Jo Malone London, Neal's Yard and L'occitane.  She understands the power of fragrance and the importance of creating the perfect wedding scent for your special day.

The Wedding Scent Service allows you to work together with Jai, so she can can create your perfect wedding scent in Luxury Soy Candles, Wax Melts or Luxury Bath Salts.

Your bespoke candles could be burning during and after your ceremony.  There are also personalised with your names. As a complimentary Favour Gift for your guest, you can choose between Luxury Bath Salts or Luxury Wax Melts with your bespoke scent.

What is included in the Wedding Scent Service...


*  a one hour telephone Wedding Scent Consultation 

* A Luxury Scent Box filled with bespoke samples of your Wedding Scent

* The option to choose between Luxury Balt Salts, Soy Candles or Wax Melts or all three

* Favour options available 

What is included:

* 1 hour session through Skype (audio)

* Help to breakthrough blocks and limiting beliefs, addressing and solving these issues

* Providing resources, practises and tools to aid your journey

* Positive holistic guidance and CBT Techniques 

* A positive daily practice that will enhance your everyday life and bring you closer towards your goals.


Per Session