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"Gain clarity, create positive

self-care rituals and live a

purposeful and calmer life."



Chaalu Creative Academy was founded by Creative Director & Creative Business Mentor Jai Koo-Ven.  


As a Creative Entrepreneur,  Jai would often come up with a million and one creative ideas, but no idea of how to utilise them or turn them into a business. She spent 17 years creating creative businesses and in that time, her work has been featured in various magazines including the front page of Wedding Ideas Magazine.  She also designed and created her own jewellery range which was featured in luxury boutiques as well as Birmingham NEC and other shows across the UK.

Whilst building some of her creative businesses, Jai worked in jobs which made her feel like her creativity was being starved.  She was completely fed up with the 9-5 corporate robot jobs and wanted to break free and unleash her inner creativity.

Utilising all of her expertise, Jai launched Chaalu Creative Academy after 5 years of planning and research.  She wanted to help other creatives to build their confidence and create creative careers utilising their talents.  Since launching Chaalu Creative Academy, she can gladly say that she has achieved her goal.  She now lives the life her dreams doing everything she loves, working with her fabulous team and helping clients all over the World create their dream careers too.  

She is also the owner of Chaalu Candle Co & Chaalu Spa which is a Luxury Candle & Wellness Brand and she has a book being published in 2021.  None of this happened overnight and took a lot of planning and adapting to current trends and global markets to succeed.


Jai failed many times, but she has never given up and is an inspiration to us all that with hard work comes great rewards.  


Whether you are a wannabe Etsy Shop Owner, Youtuber, Jewellery Maker, Artist or have any other creative ambitions we can help you.

This is a 3 Month 1:1 Mentorship Programme that we have established to help creatives build their confidence to launch a creative career and thrive in business. 

Sessions are held 1:1 over Zoom Calls and we work with clients all over the World.  Jai only works with a select few clients throughout this process.  Apply below for your chance to build the creative business of your dreams working with a leading Creative Business Mentor on this 3-Month life changing programme.

If you are a talented and creative person who wants to run their own business then let us can help you!

Creative Career

3 Month Programme

will help you learn how to:

* Use your creative talents and ideas to create your own business or expand a current hobby

* Receive ongoing support and guidance 

* Overcome your fears of starting out and enjoy the process of building your own brand and business

* Learn strategies to grow your direct sales through various platforms


* Creative brainstorming sessions to

release creative blockages


* Artistic direction with your website or building your website and your brand

* Learning about brand awareness and marketing strategies

* 3 x 60 Minute Creative Consultations

Sessions through Zoom calls 






 *  Learn how to have the discipline of running your own business and working from home

* Learn the how to brand your business around your values

* Learn how to adapt your current lifestyle so it works in flow with your creative goals

* 3 x 60 Minute Branding Strategy Sessions through Zoom calls 



   or 3 Payments of £199





* Learn how to build a creative career

* Gain support and direction with your goals

* Gain the confidence you need to succeed

* 3 x 60 Minute Business Planning Consultations through Zoom calls